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How we started

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The name ‘Salon Nayana’ is renowned across Sri Lanka as, not only, a pioneer in the hair and beauty industry but, also, as a highly contemporary, innovative chain of salons. Their story involves the successful amalgamation of years of practical experience, hair and beauty expertise, and modern technology. Furthermore, their adherence to global standards is a well-established fact, industrywide.
Their journey commenced in 1981 within the modest setting of her founder, Nayana Karunaratne’s, home. In the decades since, they’ve forged ahead and it has culminated, today, in the operation of 8 salons islandwide and 1 salon in Bangalore, India. They’ve ensured, however, that the same attention to detail, focus and quality are maintained at each of their salons.
1. With OMC World President Mr. Salvatore Fodera (1)

Our Founder - Nayana Karunaratne

Nayana Karunaratne — the owner and founder of the Salon Nayana chain of salons — is a leader in hair and beauty care in, both, Sri Lanka and the South Asian region.

She started in the early 1970s, receiving training while working at a reputed salon in Sri Lanka. Gradually, she learned how the local hair & beauty industry operated. In the year 1980, she opened her first salon under the name ‘Salon Nayana’. The business grew quickly, as the quality and standard of her service was better than her competitors’.

From the beginning, Nayana wanted to, not only, build her own brand of salons but she wanted to somehow improve the standard of hair and beauty services across Sri Lanka. To learn more about world standards of hair and beauty, she joined the, world famous, Sassoon Academy in London in the mid-1980s.

After returning to Sri Lanka, she made several changes at her salon and she, gradually, expanded her business by opening new outlets under the Salon Nayana name. Today, she is recognized in Sri Lanka as a leader in the hair and beauty industry and a successful business-woman.

How we work

Creativity is not a competition
The Salon Nayana approach is different, and this contributes immensely to our overall effectiveness. We, firmly, believe in creating or moulding our staff so that they can confidently wield their craft within the salon setting, with minimal guidance. In order to ensure this, we invest heavily in training programs that help arm our staff with the necessary skills and techniques to handle all manner of hair and beauty treatments. This allows for a happier, more rewarding work environment, and this in turn leads to the satisfaction of our most important stakeholders — our customers.

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